Alumni Feature Profile: Jane Wilberding, AICP, MUPP, Focus on Parking

Former UTC graduate research assistant Jane Wilberding, AICP, MUPP, has focused on finding solutions to parking challenges.

Finding solutions to parking challenges in metro markets has been the focus of work completed recently by Jane Wilberding, AICP, MUPP, a former UTC graduate research assistant now working as a Transportation Planner in the Chicago office of Sam Schwartz Consulting, a national engineering and transportation consulting firm with six offices nationwide.

Her accomplishments in the transportation field garnered the attention of the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT), which included Jane in its 2017 40 Under 40 Awards, an annual recognition for young professionals “who are committed to developing programs that shift behavior and create long-lasting change within their communities.”

Congratulations to Jane on being included in the 2017 ACT award, and for her contributions to advancing transportation. Below are some recent projects Jane has finalized or has underway:

West Palm Beach Parking Study

The City of West Palm Beach, Florida contracted Sam Schwartz to complete a parking study that includes: Creating a demand-based pricing schedule for the city’s parking system; developing parking maximums to right size the overall parking supply; and, creating zoning strategies to fund the city’s free downtown trolley system, including establishment of a parking benefits district, impact fees, and parking taxes.

Illinois Medical District Parking + Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Study

Jane worked with the Illinois Medical District’s (IMD) primary medical facilities staff to complete a parking and transportation demand management plan to evenly distribute parking demand and minimize the IMD’s parking footprint. This program lead to the advent of several programs, including a parking cash out at Rush University, an initial partnership with ride-share company Lyft, and rate changes that more accurately reflect demand.

Fargo Comprehensive Plan Parking Study

In this project, Jane lead the parking portion of a new comprehensive plan for Fargo, North Dakota. The project focused on identifying existing utilization and projecting demand for both short- and long-term parking to determine if and when additional supply is needed while avoiding dominating land use. This analysis, along with extensive public outreach, lead to development of a parking user group hierarchy to guide parking management/zoning strategies. This process will assist drivers in locating preferred facilities and ultimately create a “park-once” downtown.