George Krambles Transportation Scholarship Awards Archive

The Krambles Awards Remembered

George Krambles

George Krambles

Since it was managed by the Urban Transportation Center in 2006, the George Krambles Transportation Scholarship has been awarded to students who have gone on to productive careers in the transportation industry — just like the man the scholarship is named after. George Krambles, former Executive Director of the Chicago Transit Authority, served the region’s transit system for 43 years beginning with the Chicago Rapid Transit Company in 1937 as a student engineer. He graduated from the Electric Railroad Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1936 and was a good friend and supporter of the UTC.

The competition is open to any Ph.D. or second-year Master’s degree candidate student within the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, College of Engineering, College of Business Administration or College of Public Health who is studying transportation, or a UTC Graduate Research Assistant working during the Fall 2016 semester. Candidates earn cash prizes for completed research papers that address some aspect of public transportation.

For the 2016 competition, candidates must submit their application and abstract by June 17, and the required letter, resume/CV and research paper by October 7, 2016.

Here are some past recipients:

2016 Recipients

  • 1st Place: Ramin Shabanpour for paper on: “Modeling Heterogeneity in Discrete Choice Models: Application of Latent-Segmentation Approach in Joint Modeling of Travel Mode and Departure Time Choice Behavior.”
  • 2nd Place: Mohamadhossein Noruzoliaee for paper on: Transportation Network Equilibrium for Multimodal Travel: A New Equilibrium Problem with Equilibrium Constraints
  • 3rd Place (tie): Moyin Li for paper on: “Mobility Disadvantage and Face-to-Face Social Meetings.”
  • 3rd Place (tie): Jaeyong Shin for paper on: “The Causes of Declining VMT Among Young People.”

2015 Recipients

  • 1st Place: Ahmadreza Talebian for the paper: “Capacity Allocation in Vertically Integrated Railway Systems: A Sequential Bargaining Game Approach With Focus on the U.S. Context.
  • 2nd Place: Mohamadhossein Noruzoliaee for the paper: “Infrastructure Investment Decisions in Multimodal Intercity Transportation Networks: An Equilibrium Approach.”
  • 3rd place: Ramin Shabanpour Anbarani for the paper: “Expanding the Applicability of Random Regret Minimization: An Exploratory Analysis in the Context of Travel Mode Choice in the Greater Chicago Area

2014 Recipients

  • Ahmadreza Talebian for “A Multi-Stage Approach to Air-Rail Competition: Focus on Rail Agency Objective, Train Speed and Station Access.”
  • Mehran Fasihozaman Langerudi for “Resource Constraints in Mode Choice Models: A Mode Choice Model for Metropolitan Chicago.”
  • Moyin Li for “Transit Use and the Work Commute: An Empirical Analysis of the Role of Urban Densities, Last Mile Problems and Personal Constraints on Mode Choice.”
  • Yaye Keita for “Determinants of Transit Access by Car-Owners.”

2013 Recipients

  • Kyle Bardo, for his paper: “Relationship Building with Freight Railroads Critical to Support Intercity Passenger Rail Development.”
  • Jennifer Kane, for her paper: “Project History and Financial Analysis: Dulles Corridor Metro Rail Project.”
  • Martin Menninger, for his paper: “Analysis of Ridership Projections for the CTA Red Line South Extension.”

2012 Recipients

  • Adam Barnum published a paper on transit signal priority.
  • Jake Rueter published a paper that focused on the global history of bicycle-sharing systems and their implementation and success in North American cities.