UIC 2021 Urban Forum “Exploring the Future of Urban Communities” Recording

COVID-19 has opened wide America’s eyes to the many disparities in our cities, and the growing divide between rich and poor. While many strategies have been advanced to close the wealth gap – raising minimum wage, housing integration, and education – most agree there is no simple solution.

The 2021 Urban Forum April 14 took on this complex topic of closing the wealth gap by focusing on equity. Equity aims to give everyone what is needed to succeed by addressing the historical and structural barriers that have created the gap in the first place. This means dealing with:

  • Racial dynamics that shape social, economic and political structures
  • Property ownership that affects wealth across different populations
  • The geographic distribution of public services and land use

Access a recorded version of the Urban Forum webcast.


Introduction: UIC Chancellor Dr. Michael Amiridis and Dr. Janet Smith, Professor, Urban Planning and Policy; Co-Director, Nathalie P. Vorhees Center for Neighborhood and Community Improvement.

Keynote presentation: Heather McGhee, Author of the New York Times best-seller, The Sum of Us.

The two panel discussions addressed:

  • How should we increase spatial equity?
  • How can we change investment in our communities to increase equity?