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Policy Analysis

  • Recommendations to the Illinois Department of Transportation to Enhance Quality Public Engagement
    The research indicates that there are no real shortcuts to achieving quality public engagement; the report is predicated on that conclusion.
  • Regional Transportation Authority Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Relationship Between Obesity and Built Environment in the Chicago Area
  • Report Proposing a Program and Project Prioritization Framework for the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)
  • Results From a Survey of Transportation Professionals Regarding the Return on Investment for Passenger Rail
    Creating public/private support obtaining funding for passenger rail projects.
  • Scoping Data Access and Integration Needs to Facilitate Better Management of Research Innovation
  • State Departments of Transportation: Planning Function Reorganization
    State DOTs Participating in Study
  • State of Illinois Job Access Reverse Commuter Program
  • Systemwide Information for Transportation Assessment: Economic Impacts and ITS Deployment Planning
  • Systemwide Information for Transportation Assessment: Transferability of Household Travel Survey Data in Calibrating and Validating Travel Forecasting Models
  • Technical Services to the RTA
  • The History of the City of Chicago Central Area Transit Circulation Efforts
    Image of Circulator Routes and Stations
  • The Relationship of Transportation and the Housing Crisis
  • Transit Value Capture Coordination: Case Studies, Best Practices, and Recommendations
    New York West Side near Javits Center
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