Building Our Economy: Transportation for a New Illinois Executive Summary

“Building Our Economy: Transportation for a New Illinois Executive Summary” was produced by Chicago Metropolis 2020, a non-profit organization created by the Commercial Club of Chicago.

“Growing Illinois’ economy through strategic transportation investments and policies is the central argument of Chicago Metropolis 2020’sBuilding Our Economy: Transportation for a New Illinois. The report explains why and how to do that.Illinois’ central location and its historic leadership in transportation produced two centuries of expanding opportunity and growth. But our economy has changed fundamentally, and we have lost sight of how smart transportation policies create jobs and prosperity.If we make transportation decisions that reflect our understanding of the economy, we can materially boost our state’s performance. If we do not, our competitiveness will continue to erode.Transportation for a New Illinois outlines the clearly emerging characteristics of the state’s economy and shows how they are influenced by our transportation policies. The report makes specific recommendations to build our economy by improving how Illinois prioritizes, plans and pays for surface transportation.

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Author / Presenter:

James LaBelle (co-author) and Sheena Frève (co-author)

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