Effective Approaches to Increasing Public Benefits of Freight Intermodal Terminals — Interviews of Stakeholders

This study makes recommendations on ways public opposition can be reduced, effective mitigation measures can be implemented, economic development can be promoted, and communication can be increased among local/regional governments and private stakeholders for intermodal freight terminals. Recommendations are based on analysis of information gathered from the two case studies and from the literature review. Recommendations for each of these issues are discussed in the context of why they are important, the challenges with implementation, the impacts on the project if they fail to be executed, and resolutions to the implementation problems. The context for the recommendations reflects the insights gained by interviewing public officials and railroad representatives for each of the cases.

Discussion of the thesis’ findings and its recommendations identifies critical areas where gaps exist between members of the freight industry and public officials and the effects these gaps have on the common development issues for freight intermodal projects. Differences in regulation across all levels of government significantly impact the way in which a freight intermodal terminal is developed regarding the level of review and public participation that is required. The development process that must be followed for these projects can greatly vary based on what state, county, town, or environmentally sensitive land the project is located. The inconsistency creates some areas where the development process may be too strenuous on development and other areas where project review and public participation is not effectively utilized.

This thesis also identifies how public officials’ lack of formal freight training and industry knowledge impacts attempts to capture economic benefits from freight activity and to avoid negative impacts to their communities’ quality of life due to freight activity.

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Steven Mannella, MUPP

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