Regional Economic Benefits from CN’s Acquisition of the EJ&E (2008)

“Regional Economic Benefits from CN’s Acquisition of the EJ&E” was produced by Chicago Metropolis 2020, a non-profit organization created by the Commercial Club of Chicago.

“The proposal for the Canadian National (CN) Railroad Company to purchase the Elgin Joliet and Eastern (EJ&E) Beltway, upgrade track and interchange connections and then route its existing trains along the beltway (effectively by-passing the heart of the Chicago rail-hub) extends the capacity for all rail users of the already congested rail terminal network by perhaps several years. CN would obtain a seamless connection for each of its five subdivisions, and two well placed rail yards. These two factors would contribute to operational efficiencies for CN through trains in terms of improved transit and yard time traversing Chicago.Other rail carriers in the network would benefit as well from reduced yard wait time and delays idling on congested track within the EJ&E arc.

This transaction when viewed from the perspective of regional land national economic benefit is associated with numerous direct travel time and freight cost(both transportation and logistics) implications as well as safety and emission outcomes. These direct changes have been identified by understanding how the performance of critical transportation infrastructure affects more than the vehicles and their contents on intersecting transportation modes or trip purposes (rail and highway intersections, passenger vs freight rail.

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