ADA Special Services: Price Elasticity for the Provision of Free Service In the State of Illinois

The focus of this research is to:

  1. Collect and analyze current ADA riderships and cost of service on Illinois fixed route public transit systems.
  2. Adjust the paratransit demand model provided in TCRP Report 119, 2007 to estimate demand sensitivity under a free fare.
  3. Develop data for model inputs, including trip rates, base fares, percentage of eligibility, etc. by Illinois sub-region.
  4. Estimate increase in demand and cost of service based on the stratified sub-regions.

Principal Investigator(s):

Joseph DiJohn


Joseph DiJohn
Paul Metaxatos
Lise Dirks
Karin Allen
Stephen Hunt




To estimate the statewide impact of providing free complementary ADA service on all Illinois fixed route systems.


Estimate the increase in ADA paratransit ridership statewide under a free ride program using a modified version of the paratransit demand model presented in TCRP Report 119, 2007.  Estimate the total cost to provide the free services.

Expected Results or Products:

The results will be an estimated range for increased demand and an estimated cost to provide free ADA paratransit service.  These results were provided in a Final Report to IDOT.



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