Best Practices for Linking Strategic Planning to Resource Allocation and Implementation Decisions Using Elements of a Transportation Asset Management Program

This project involved an expert panel that was chaired by Bob Johns, Director of the Center for Transportation Studies at University of Minnesota. The five to seven members of the panel will be recruited from local and regional public and private sector senor executives and researchers. Consideration will be given to integrating the meetings of the expert panel with the two meetings with the MRUTC Advisory Committee.

Principal Investigator(s):

Anthony Pagano


Anthony Pagano
Sue McNeil
Robert Johns (University of Minnesota)
Libby Ogard (Tioga Consulting)




This research will build upon the successful themes identified and in practice today. It will also facilitate and integrate the successful strategic planning and performance measurements found in DOT asset management programs and to assist in the knowledge transfer of the results.


The proposed research not only builds on the past and ongoing work but also assembles a set of tools based on experiences and best practices in a diverse set of states. To do this researchers drew upon the literature and a survey of practices in each of the state DOTs that will explore, document and synthesize both strategic planning processes and products. With input from an expert advisory panel, the group selected states for detailed analysis. Based on detailed documentation of these states selected, the group developed a synthesis of best practice.  The next task was to seek the input of the  expert panel to develop a model strategic planning process that incorporates principles of asset management.

Expected Results or Products:

The outcome will establish common metrics and benchmarks for DOT performance evaluations.


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