Database of State-Agency Transportation Funding

The Urban Transportation Center, under the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) portion of its JARC grant, is creating a database of transportation funding by specific state agencies within the state of Illinois, focusing on downstate transportation projects and the funding partnerships that support them.

Principal Investigator(s):

Lise Dirks


Joseph DiJohn
P.S. Sriraj
Lise Dirks
Srikanth Yellanki
David Kralik
Shruti Mahajan
Arzmella Hammond




The purpose in creating such a database is to facilitate the coordination of services, to identify potential funding sources for local transportation projects, and to provide information about the transportation services provided by state agencies involved in transportation funding.  State agencies such as IDOT, IDHS, and the Department on Aging are providing data for the project.


We are collecting data by funding program from the specific agencies that administer programs funding transportation projects.  Such programs include TANF and Title XX funding, DPT’s 5310, 5311 and 5307 programs, among others.  Data from FY1999 to FY2002 are being collected and entered into a Microsoft Access database.  In addition, we are creating spatial data, linking fields and appropriate user-interfaces to maximize the product’s utility for the participating state agencies.

Expected Results or Products:

We expect that IDHS will use this product to assist in coordinating and locating transportation for clients and other agencies administering to IDHS clients.  In addition, IDOT’s Division of Public Transportation is expecting to use the database as an in-house product for many of their funding programs, including vehicle inventory, downstate operating assistance, and others.


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