Making CTA More Competitive as it Moves into The 21st Century

The research team in consultation with CTA staff and CTP staff identified specific topics. A typical topic was then driven by student interest, the commitment of a faculty member to serve as adviser and the identification of appropriate and interested staff members at CTA.

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Principal Investigator(s):

P.S. Sriraj


P.S. Sriraj
UIC faculty and staff
CTA staff
UTC research assistants




The program focuses on six areas of research:

1) Transit Operations.

2) Transit Facility Design and Construction Processes.

3) Decision Support for Service Development.

4) Future Transit Funding Strategies and Opportunities.

5) Transportation Planning.

6) Infrastructure Renewal and Replacement.


Expected Results or Products:

Project topics range from policy-oriented themes to practical applications for the CTA. Research projects include corridor analysis, the development of AVL data, standards for station design, public perception of safety and methods for addressing the needs of disabled riders, among others.


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