Rail Freight Transportation Policy Research Program

ExpresswayResearch will be conducted in areas of rail freight transportation, such as infrastructure, performance measures, the impact of regulation on railroad efficiency, rail-highway grade crossing safety and the impact of rail freight on the Chicago region’s congestion and air quality. Workshops will address freight transportation issues and a graduate fellow will undertake research and a graduate thesis in the area of rail freight transportation. The program will support rail transportation initiatives such as the Chicago Region Environmental and Transportation Efficiency (CREATE) Program designed to speed rail freight traffic through Chicago and reduce freight, highway and commuter congestion and delay.

Principal Investigator(s):

Joeseph DiJohn


Joeseph DiJohn
Kazuya Kawamura
Paul Metaxatos
P. S. Sriraj
Tony Pagano
Ashish Sen




Establish a rail freight transportation policy program, develop rail freight oriented workshops and seminars and establish a CN named Graduate Fellowship support for a College of Urban Planning and Policy student with an interest in freight transportation planning.


Over a three-year period, develop and implement a rail freight transportation policy and planning Program at the Urban Transportation Center.

Expected Results or Products:

End products will be research papers, journal publications, graduate theses, workshops, seminars, visiting scholars and lectures by experts in the field of railroad and freight transportation.

NOTE: A report or paper from this research is not immediately available.



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