The Relationship of Transportation and the Housing Crisis

As expected, the preliminary data shows a positive relationship with high home ownership and high unemployment rates but there is a negative relationship between roadway miles and foreclosures. This suggests the addition of roadway investment is not detrimental to home ownership. Further research is anticipated in order to better understand these relationships.

Principal Investigator(s):

Siim Soot


Siim Soot




As a part of the Center’s research into the causes and effects of urban sprawl, it has examined the relationship of highways, home ownership, obesity, and pedestrian safety. The project looks at the relationship of transportation and the current housing crisis.


To research housing foreclosures and transportation expenditures in the Chicago area and the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the United States using Census and the American Community Survey data.

Expected Results or Products:

The research has resulted in a paper “Transportation and the Housing Crisis: Are They Related?” The paper was presented at the Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Forum in Portland, OR. Further research will attempt to understand the long-term impacts of the current housing situation.


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