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Research Project

Scoping Data Access and Integration Needs to Facilitate Better Management of Research Innovation

The research team scanned the published literature on data integration to understand the progress made and the challenges faced in integrating data. This was followed with a needs analysis of stakeholders to get a listing of databases, the various queries/uses of databases, gaps in knowledge about existing data, all with an eye toward integrating the available data.

Principal Investigator
Sriraj, P.S.
Research Area(s)
Data Development
Policy Analysis
Funding Source
Midwest Regional University Transportation Center


This project has six main objectives: Identify current WisDOT design/construction/traffic databases and department strategies or efforts to integrate them. Help raise awareness of WisDOT staff and partners of the intended use and value of these databases. Identify existing access procedures to WisDOT databases and other technical information; develop improvements needed to enhance accessibility and document these improvements in a handbook for users; develop training for users. Evaluate referencing systems used in these databases; define advantages and disadvantages of each in order to develop, or select, a common effective referencing system. Develop procedures required for transition to a new referencing system, including tools and methods for recording reference attributes. Identify software and other approaches to convert existing referencing systems to the selected common system. Download the "Scoping Data Access and Integration Needs to Facilitate Better Management of Research Innovation" report.