State of Illinois Job Access Reverse Commuter Program

Research was undertaken to provide assistance within the six county region of northeastern Illinois and 18 locations in downstate Illinois.  Work included recommendations to:

  • Form local groups to coordinate funding and services.
  • Undertake needs assessment.
  • Review and evaluate existing transportation.
  • Identify transportation opportunities and gaps.
  • Market commuter choice payroll deduction and ridesharing programs.
  • Attempt to secure sustainable source of ongoing funding.



Principal Investigator(s):

Joseph DiJohn


Joseph DiJohn
Lise Dirks
Shamus Misek
Fahim Mohamed
Siim Soot
P. S. Sriraj
Vonu Thakuriah
Srikanth Yellanki




The objective is to provide technical assistance to the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) and local transportation and service agencies in the state of Illinois to facilitate welfare recipients and low income workers to get to employment opportunities.


The strategy with IDHS is to provide technical assistance in the following areas to improve program efficiency and effectiveness by:

  • Facilitating a statewide coordination effort of state and local agencies.
  • Developing a statewide database of all transportation funding.
  • Assisting the Illinois Department of Transportation – Division of Public Transportation in the development of a statewide JARC application process.

Expected Results or Products:

Technical assistance has been or is currently being provided to over twenty localities in the state of Illinois.  Recommendations to improve service, funding and administration have been made to improve their welfare to work programs.  Two components of the statewide database are being developed for use by IDOT; an operating funding and capital asset components.  These will facilitate the coordination of funding of transportation by state transportation, social service and economic development agencies.


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