Strategic Project Plan: Computer Assisted Scheduling and Dispatch Systems

casdThe UIC research team conducted a study of the implementation of a CASD system at a paratransit operator in a small city in downstate Illinois.  Improvements in quality of service were observed.  However, a number of managerial, efficiency and effectiveness issues were raised by the study.  The current study builds on the results of the first to develop a strategy for statewide implementation that has the greatest potential for success.

Principal Investigator(s):

Anthony M. Pagano


Anthony M. Pagano
Paul Metaxatos
Cecelia Blue
Eric Holeman
Victor Mora
Alicia Morreale
Kate Stanis




The objective of the research is to develop a strategy for the statewide implementation of computer assisted scheduling and dispatching systems (CASD) at paratransit operators across the State of Illinois.


The project involves a survey of state and federal strategies, a survey of non-metro (5311) operators and grantees and downstate urban systems.  The survey will cover a variety of issues including: current scheduling and dispatch system, desired system, expectations regarding computerized scheduling and dispatching systems, funding and procurement, training and technical support, level of technical expertise of personnel, needs that could be addressed by computerized system and barriers and perceptions of coordination.  The results of these tasks will result in the development of a strategy that will be refined through IDOT, operator and grantee reaction.

Expected Results or Products:

The study will result in the development of a strategy for implementation of CASD systems.  The final strategy will address the State’s role, issues of     procurement, funding, deployment-phasing/scheduling, vendor certification, training, support and coordination.


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