The Strategic Role of the Illiana Expressway

The project investigated the impact of the proposed Illiana Expressway on Will County. There are three basic areas to support sustainability. Economic, Social and Environmental. The economy is improved by bringing employment to match the population growth. It will attract transportation and logistics jobs and bring income and tax revenue to the area. The project will enhance the environment by balancing jobs with housing. This will reduce vehicle miles traveled, reduce wasted time and congestion, save fuel and improve air quality. Social well-being is enhanced by engaging residents and stakeholders, employing transit oriented development develop multi-modal transportation alternatives and improve mobility for residents and employees.

Principal Investigator(s):

Siim Sööt


Siim Sööt
Joe DiJohn




To identify the positive impacts the Illiana Expressway has on the State of Illinois and Will County.


To assist the State of Illinois evaluate the impact of the construction of the Illiana Expressway on Will County. The Illiana is a proposed Expressway between I-65 and I-57 in Indiana and from I-57 to the Joliet area in Illinois.

Expected Results or Products:

A Final Report and Power Point presentation was given to the Governor’s Office in April 2010.

Part 1 Illiana Expressway Report

Part 2 Illiana Expressway Report


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