Technical Services to the RTA

The focus of this research for the Regional Transportation Authority was threefold:

  1. Strategic Plan Assessment: Undertake review of appropriate documents; review, validate and update regional travel data analysis; identify travel opportunities underserved markets, latent demand, service gaps and overlaps; review economic impact and cost/benefit analysis; undertake national review of various transit funding mechanisms.
  2. Paratransit Assessment: undertake review of appropriate documents; form stakeholder advisory group; develop trade-off issues; define information survey; draft, conduct, and analyze survey data.
  3. Evaluation of RTAP: Identify station area plans and local transit improvement projects; develop sampling rationale; determine the criteria on which program assessment will be useful; develop quantitative and qualitative outcome measures.

Principal Investigator(s):

Joseph DiJohn


Joseph DiJohn
Piyushimita Thakuriah
Paul Metaxatos
Karin Allen
Kazuya Kawamura
Saurav Bhatta




To work closely with and provide technical services to the RTA as needed. There are three tasks under the current contract:

1) Strategic Plan Assessment and Gap Analysis.
2) Paratransit Assessment.
3) Evaluation of RTAP.

NOTE: A report or paper from this research is not immediately available.


The strategy to execute this research included:

  • Strategic Plan Assessment: UIC transportation planning staff will work with RTA staff and consultants to assess the RTA Regional Transportation Plan.
  • Paratransit Assessment: UIC personnel will provide support to RTA staff regarding the new paratransit operations in Pace and advise regarding possible evaluation and impact assessment. The goal of the project is to undertake a survey of the disabled community in order to obtain their input into issues affecting service design that will be used by RTA to assist in the development of a comprehensive Service Development Plan for persons with disabilities.
  • Evaluation of RTAP: Evaluate the effectiveness of the Local Planning sub-program of RTAP by focusing on station area plans and local transit improvement projects. The benefits and outcomes of these different types of projects, as well as the performance metrics on which outcomes should be evaluated, are likely to be very different for the different projects.

Expected Results or Products:

UTC staff will work closely with RTA staff to devise technical assistance that includes appropriate written reports, interactive communications as well as outreach sessions as directed within individual projects.


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