An Analysis of the Illinois Maritime Transportation System

Robert Ginsburg, PhD
Lise Dirks, MA

Analysis of Factors Affecting Truck Parking Violation Frequency in Urban Areas

Kazuya Kawamura, PhD
P.S. Sriraj, PhD

Catching up to Automated Technology: How DOTs Can Stay Ahead of the Curve For Freight

Robert Ginsburg, Ph.D.
Arin Rubaci Uygur

Exploring the Potential for Off Peak Delivery in Metropolitan Chicago: Research Findings and Conclusions

James C. LaBelle

Economic Benefits of Productivity Increases through Truck-to-Rail Mode Shift in Freight Transport

Kazuya Kawamura, Associate Professor, Department of Urban Planning and Policy
University of Illinois at Chicago

Off-Peak Delivery: A Pilot Project for the Chicago Region

James C. LaBelle

Integrated Modeling of High Performance Passenger and Freight Train Operation Planning on Shared Use Rail Corridors: A Focus on the US Context

Bo Zou

Impact Analysis for Freight Operation Improvements

Kazuya Kawamura

The Impact of Freight Congestion on the Chicago Area Commute

Joseph DiJohn

Upper Midwest Freight Corridor Study

Kazuya Kawamura