Reducing Commuting-Related Environmental Impacts in the Healthcare Sector: An Exploratory Study

Ning Ai

CPS Travel Training Evaluation Project

Eric W. Welch, PhD
P.S. Sriraj, PhD

Housing-Transportation Cost Trade-off Implications for Urban Sprawl

Dr. Siim Sööt

Chicago-Area Sprawl Revisited: The Role of Demographics, Prosperity and Homeownership with a Note on Sustainability

Dr. Siim Sööt

The Case for Rail Transit Expansion in the Chicago Central Area

Ed Zotti

The Illinois One-Click Transportation Resource Center

Lise Dirks

Increasing Mobility Through Enhanced Transit Connectivity

James C. LaBelle

Development of an Analytical Framework to Rank Pedestrian and Cyclist Projects

Nadereh Moini

Mode Choice Modelling Using Personalized Travel Time and Cost Data

Abolfazl (Kouros) Mohammadian

Planning Transportation for an Aging Illinois: An Assessment

Janet Smith