Increasing Mobility Through Enhanced Transit Connectivity

James C. LaBelle

Development of an Analytical Framework to Rank Pedestrian and Cyclist Projects

Nadereh Moini

Mode Choice Modelling Using Personalized Travel Time and Cost Data

Abolfazl (Kouros) Mohammadian

Planning Transportation for an Aging Illinois: An Assessment

Janet Smith


McHenry County Coordinated Paratransit Study

Joseph DiJohn

TRANPRO Web-Based Information Management System Phase 3

Lise Dirks

Analysis Of The Impact of the Senior Ride Free and Circuit Breaker Programs on the Public Transit in the Chicago Region

Joseph DiJohn
Paul Metaxatos

Planning for the Bogota, Columbia Metro System

P. S. Sriraj

ADA Special Services: Price Elasticity for the Provision of Free Service In the State of Illinois

Joseph DiJohn

Lake County Coordinated Paratransit Study

Joseph DiJohn