Technology Transfer

In its essence, technology transfer is the process that distributes skills, knowledge, technology, manufacturing processes, research and more.  This makes the information more widely available to end-users and others who can enhance andTechnology Transfer use it.  The Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) of U.S. Department of Transportation includes technology transfer as one of its goals, and offers this definition: “availability of research results to potential users in a form that can be directly implemented, utilized or otherwise applied.”

Below are ways the Urban Transportation Center at UIC has communicated relevant transportation research to relevant audiences in academia, government, the transportation industry and many others:

UTC Research

Faculty, staff and student researchers at the UTC regularly have up to 30 research projects underway during the academic year. Visit the UTC Research home page to learn more about current and past projects, as well as download abstracts and complete reports.

UTC Events

National and regional forums give UTC faculty and student researchers a venue to share relevant insight on research. Researchers regularly deliver presentations at transportation events hosted by the university and elsewhere.  Learn more by visiting the UTC Events home page.

UTC Publications

The UTC Publications home page offers viewers a wide range of resources, including: