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Research Project

Human Services Transportation Provider Survey

The purpose of this study is to conduct a study to assemble a directory of human services transportation providers that will be useful to a wide range of potential users that are interested in the general welfare of individuals whose lives are dependent upon publicly-funded or organized transportation services. The objectives of this study are congruent with the National Resource Center created by SAFETEA-LU legislation, which aimed to better coordinate the large variety of human services transportation agencies currently operating in an effort to make transportation service more cost-effective.

Principal Investigator
Thakuriah, Piyushimita (Vonu)
Research Area(s)
Data Development
Funding Source
Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA)


UIC’s Survey Research Lab will make the telephone contacts of those agencies acting as the lead organization for the coordinated planning process for the sections 5310, 5316, and 5317 programs and estimate that the database will consist of approximately 1,700 main entries along with five to 20-partner entries for each main listing. UIC will develop a survey instrument for data collection, telephone interviewing, and its preparation and verification. A report or paper from this research is not immediately available.