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  • ADA Special Services: Price Elasticity for the Provision of Free Service In the State of Illinois
  • Bus on Shoulders: Analysis of Preliminary Concept
  • Chicago-Area Sprawl Revisited: The Role of Demographics, Prosperity and Homeownership with a Note on Sustainability
  • CPS Travel Training Evaluation Project
    The project was conducted in two tracks.
  • Deficiencies in Public Transit Accessibility of Healthcare Facilities in Chicago
    Location of healtcare facilities studied
  • Development of an Analytical Framework to Rank Pedestrian and Cyclist Projects
  • Economic Analysis and Partnerships of the Job Access and Reverse Commute Program
  • Economic Analysis and Partnerships of the Job Access and Reverse Commute Program
  • Housing-Transportation Cost Trade-off Implications for Urban Sprawl
  • Illinois Department of Transportation Accessibility Study
    Illinois map showing accessibility
  • Increasing Mobility Through Enhanced Transit Connectivity
    A review of the changing world of transit in the region, including several public transit innovations, emerging technology, explosive growth of rideshare services and the possible impact of autonomous vehicles.
  • Integrated Approaches to EV Charging Infrastructure and Transit System Planning
  • Integration of Transportation for Improved Mobility
    Integrating transit modes could improve mobility in Northeastern Illinois
  • McHenry County Coordinated Paratransit Study
  • Mobility Management: State of the States Report
    Map of Statewide Mobility Management Networks.
  • Mode Choice Modelling Using Personalized Travel Time and Cost Data
    Average travel time chart
  • National Survey of US Public Transit Agency Experience with and Response to Extreme Weather Events
    Several key findings were made from the national survey on extreme weather events.
  • Pedestrian Safety in Illinois, 1990-2000
  • Pedestrian/Bicyclist Warning Devices and Signs at CTA Rail-Highway Grade Crossings
    This study identified seven locations at CTA rail grade crossings as suitable to conduct paper/pen manual user surveys for pedestrian/cyclist activity; a total of 211 surveys were gathered.
  • Planning Transportation for an Aging Illinois: An Assessment
    Aging trends in Illinois
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