Lake County Coordinated Paratransit Study

The project will identify service overlaps and gaps, potential service expansions, areas for potential improvements in efficiency and effectiveness and opportunities for coordination. Potential areas of coordination include eligibility, administration, dispatching, equipment, jurisdiction and financial partnerships. A key component of the plan is to seek input and innovative suggestions from the private providers technical committee.

Principal Investigator(s):

Joseph DiJohn


Joseph DiJohn
Lise Dirks
Stephen Hunt




Assist the Lake County Coordinated Transportation Committee to conduct a transit needs assessment of elderly and disabled residents and inventory of existing services in order to identify gaps in service and opportunities for coordination. The study will address travel demand within the County but also address the significant demand for services that cross County boundaries.  Social service agencies have identified a significant market for lengthy out-of-county trips for medical purposes.


Engage stakeholders and residents to gather input to determine specialized transit needs of residents and social service organizations. Tasks include:

  1. Collect data on existing conditions.
  2. Develop and administer surveys of transit providers and residents.
  3. Undertake a transit needs assessment.
  4. Establish a private providers technical committee.
  5. Perform analysis of the data and information.
  6. Develop service recommendations.
  7. Develop public information strategies.

Expected Results or Products:

A guideline for the Lake County Coordinated Transportation Committee to plan and implement new, improved and coordinated paratransit service to seniors and persons with disabilities within and outside of Lake County. The Committee has already organized transit providers and social service organizations into a functioning committee. This will assist them in obtaining county, municipal and township support to seek and identify funding and to undertake a comprehensive public information and marketing program in support of the plan recommendations.


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