McHenry County Coordinated Paratransit Study

The plan identifies work and non-work related travel markets and develops unmet needs. A recommended transit system is developed to meet these needs, including feeder buses to Metra, general public dial-a-ride, fixed route and express bus and shared ride taxi. Implementation is recommended in the following time frames:

* Immediate term, 2005-2007
* Short term, 2008-2010
* Medium term, 2011-2015
* Long term, 2016-2025

Principal Investigator(s):

Joseph DiJohn


Joseph DiJohn




Assist McHenry County staff and consultant to investigate the non-automobile needs of McHenry County residents and workers. This entails the following:

1. Overcome existing mobility barriers.
2. Connect to the regional transit network.
3. Improve options for accessing jobs.


Engage County staff, local stakeholders and the region’s planning and transit providers to draft a comprehensive study scope:

1. Assess existing conditions.
2. Involve the public.
3. Focus on needs of employers and workers.
4. Identify new paratransit and coordination opportunities.
5. Develop and present the Transit Plan to local officials and the public.
6. Create an Implementation Task Force to direct, prioritize and develop specific action items.

Expected Results or Products:

The final product of the study is a formal summary report titled McHenry County Transit Plan. The Implementation Task Force’s charge is to:

1. Set realistic goals and time frames.
2. Work with Metra and Pace to discuss existing service improvements.
3. Develop and prioritize new services.
4. Identify and pursue funding sources.
5. Assist communities and businesses in developing service ideas.
6. Encourage Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in land-use planning.
7. Assist and guide an aggressive marketing and public information effort.

NOTE: A report or paper from this research is not immediately available.


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