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Research Project

McHenry County Coordinated Paratransit Study

Assist McHenry County staff and consultant to investigate the non-automobile needs of McHenry County residents and workers. This entails the following: 1. Overcome existing mobility barriers. 2. Connect to the regional transit network. 3. Improve options for accessing jobs.

Principal Investigator
DiJohn, Joseph
Research Area(s)
Data Development
Demand Response
Funding Source
Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), Metropolitan Transportation Support Initiative (METSI)


The plan identifies work and non-work related travel markets and develops unmet needs. A recommended transit system is developed to meet these needs, including feeder buses to Metra, general public dial-a-ride, fixed route and express bus and shared ride taxi. Implementation is recommended in the following time frames: * Immediate term, 2005-2007 * Short term, 2008-2010 * Medium term, 2011-2015 * Long term, 2016-2025 A report or paper from this research is not immediately available.