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Research Project

Planning Transportation for an Aging Illinois: An Assessment

Aging trends in Illinois

This report represents a snapshot of the impact of the intended coordinated Human Services Transportation planning throughout Illinois to date, and discusses promising practices, enduring issues and challenges, and provides recommendations for potential enhancements.

Principal Investigator
Smith, Janet
Research Area(s)
Policy Analysis
Funding Source
Illinois Department of Transportation


The report provides population projections for the older adult population, assesses housing, transportation, and mobility characteristics throughout Illinois to identify need, and reviews focused conversations with key stakeholders, offering conclusions and recommendations for improvement.  Communities throughout Illinois will need to make significant revisions to current transportation options, explore more varied housing types and greatly augment health and human services alternatives to meet the day-to-day needs of this increasing Baby Boomer population.  Greater cooperation between state and federal agencies and a concerted commitment by elected officials charged with managing human services is paramount to ensuring the welfare of older adults across Illinois in the years to come. Download the "Planning Transportation for an Aging Illinois: An Assessments" report.