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one-click-imageThe Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) was awarded a Veterans Transportation and Community Livability Initiative grant with the Urban Transportation Center (UTC) at the University of Illinois Chicago as sub-recipient. They used this grant to create an online resource – the “One-Click Transportation Resource Center” — to inform Illinois veterans and their families about existing transportation services throughout Illinois.

The UTC built the “One-Click” site upon the existing TRANPRO Information Management System, which houses the Illinois Public and Specialized Transportation Provider Inventory. The project team incorporated the Illinois Bus Network project, a trip planner for accessing commercial bus and rail operators, as well as veterans’ transportation services in Illinois provided by the Veterans Administration and the Illinois Veterans Assistance Commissions. They also included car-sharing and ride-sharing options.

The “One-Click Transportation Resource Center” website offers the user transportation solutions based on location; type of service; and veteran, senior, and/or disability status.  The site can be accessed at:

Principal Investigator(s):

Lise Dirks


P.S. Sriraj, PhD
Joseph Irwin Harris
Shreya Ghosh
Aswin Antony
Richard McChane
Vimalkumar Patel
Prakash Putta
Gayathri Ravichandran
Venkata Sambasivan
Suriya Sundararaj




The goal of the site is to provide Illinois veterans, their families and the general public with an online resource offering a wide range of transportation options that can be accessed through “one-click” navigation and drop-down menu options. Search results provided will include the information from databases currently hosted on the TRANPRO Information Management System.


Expected Results or Products:

This paper includes:

  • Background on the status of veterans in the U.S. and federal transportation and livability programs for veterans.
  • Insight into veteran affairs departments within U.S. states, territories and in Illinois.
  • An analysis of existing transportation services for veterans in Illinois.
  • Background on the methodology used to prepare the “One-Click” site, including a needs assessment of stakeholder groups.
  • Technical aspects of hosting and maintaining the site, and insight into the website design.
  • Information on the server system that supports the “One-Click” and TRANPRO sites.
  • A detailed user guide to the site.


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