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Research Project

TRANPRO Web-Based Information Management System Phases 1 and 2

The expected results are an improvement in the organization and appearance of the website, improved functionality in accessing and maintaining the statewide provider inventory, improved functionality in the GIS application, and an update to all of the existing databases.

Principal Investigator
Dirks, Lise
Research Area(s)
Data Development
Funding Source
Illinois Department of Transportation


This project extends the TRANPRO IMS to incorporate mobility management tools and to add functionality to the IMS. The objective is to maintain a comprehensive database of public transit and specialized transportation providers in the state of Illinois within the framework of an online information management system with GIS capabilities. This system will serve multiple stakeholders and provide hierarchal access for the purposes of data development, maintenance and retrieval. Stakeholders include the UTC research team, IDOT, HSTP Coordinators, other state and regional agencies as well as regional planners and mobility managers. The project team will develop information pertaining to service area, specific funding streams, and type of transportation services offered. Data will be organized and searchable by county, HSTP region and RPO region. Funding streams included are 5310, 5311, DOAP, JARC and New Freedom grantees, as well as Title IIB and Title XX grantees.