Upper Midwest Freight Corridor Study

Upper MW FreightThe Upper Midwest serves as a critical corridor for domestic and international freight moving in all directions.  It is projected that these freight movements will increase significantly in the future. Shifts in federal and public agency policy relative to infrastructure management and expansion, budgeting decisions and staff resource allocations have and will impact the safe and efficient movement of goods within the region.  At the same time private sector interests insist on an equitable approach for all modes and allows industry to remain competitive in the region.  Without proper collaboration and communication between the two sectors, and between the states and planning agencies of the region, the impacts of projected freight growth will pose an even greater challenge.

Principal Investigator(s):

Kazuya Kawamura


Kazuya Kawamura




The objective of this study is to establish a regional approach for improving freight transportation in the Upper Midwest based on a multi-state, multi-jurisdictional partnership of public and private sector stakeholder interests.


The strategy in the short term was to:

  • Compile and synthesize existing plans and efforts.
  • Create a setting for coalition building.
  • Identify and document the conditions and needs across all freight modes for the identified corridors in the region
  • Understand the market activities that generate goods for shipping that impact this regionThe UTC team will focus on an analysis of usage in the corridor.

Expected Results or Products:

The research will result in the following:

  • Collect existing freight flow data from various sources.
  • Analyze the data collected from various sources.

NOTE: A report or paper from this research is not immediately available.


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US DOT Pooled Fund (Ohio – lead, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin)