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Research Project

Deficiencies in Public Transit Accessibility of Healthcare Facilities in Chicago

Location of healtcare facilities studied

Measure performance of public transit to reach healthcare facilities in Chicago.

Principal Investigator
Sriraj, P.S.
Start Date
End Date
Research Area(s)
Policy Analysis
Funding Source
Metropolitan Transportation Support Initiative (METSI), Illinois Department of Transportation


Public transportation has the potential to impact the accessibility of individuals to healthcare facilities and affect the quality of life and the livability of a community. It is critical, therefore, to understand the service efficiency of public transportation as a mode of access to healthcare facilities.  In this study, we develop an approach to measure the performance through appropriate indices that will reflect on both the supply (availability) and the demand side (accessibility).  The approach is then applied to the Chicago area using location specific data from the region. Download the "Deficiencies in Public Transit Accessibility of Healthcare Facilities in Chicago" study.